"Your story will follow your state"
- Dr. Peter Levine
"Health and wholeness is a 20 cm journey, from head to heart.​"
"Learn to experience feeling dangerously alive.​"
"In nature nothing is rushed, yet everything is accomplished.​"

Your conscious story you keep telling your self will be effected by your bodily state - if there is stored survival stress in your nervous system your thoughts and emotions will most likely be the same, aka in survival mode.

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The Power of choiCe!

You know what you should be 
doing, but don’t do it.

The Power of Results!

You are not getting out
what you are putting in.

Authenticity is the most beautiful word I know! Unfortunately, it is a bit tricky to spell, so I chose its synonym: true! 



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Listen to the body - its smarter than you!

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– Listen to the body its smarter than you. 

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