We dont´t guess, we assess! Using different lab testing inorder to get to the root cause - is an essential part of functional medicine.

Using lab testting, screenings or measurements are useful and sometimes essential tools when searching
for the underlying root cause of an imbalance and to truly understand your body. 

 WELLNESS SCREENING – done in house at the clinic.

Wellness Screening is a medical certified screening. WS includes 40 different biomarkers that will provide a risk & health analysis, based on your lifestyle, an indication of your potential to developing chronic lifestyle diseases. It provides a foundation of a  preventative health-care program based on the unique biochemistry of individual. 

WS takes approximately 5 minutes to perform in the clinic.

  • HRV Heart Rate variability.
  • Recovery Capacity
  • Immune system
  • Digestive Health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Arterial oxygen saturation – Spo2
  • Insulin Resistens 
  • BMI

Wellness Screening is not a diagnostic tool.



For 5 consecutive days we measure your recovery, stress, training and sleep habits. The measurement will show your strengths and area of improvement when it comes to your daily tempo, recovery performance and training.

With guidance and a better understanding of how you lifestyle choices affect your health and wellbeing you can start taking control over your health and optimize recovery! 


In my practice as a functional medicin practitioner I offer the following lab testing. 

My lab partners are: Nordic Labs, BioHealth & Quicksilver ScientificALCAT Food Testing, Genova Diagnostic

Common Test used in my practice are:

  • DUTHC TEST – HPA Axis & Hormonal health.
  • Food Intolerance Tests – For optimized nutrition, Gut Health and Immunity.
  • CPSA, GI Map, GI 360 & SIBO – Stool Screening for parasites, bacteria & fungus and digestive system.
  • IPA – Gut Permabillity Test, Leaky Gut.
  • NutrEval, Metabolomix or Organix Comprehensive – Overall metabolic function of the cell and your body. 
  • Heavy Metal Testing – Detoxification capacity, toxic load and burden of mercury and other heavy metals including mineral status.
  • Thyroid Panels
  • Traditional bloodwork &  CBC panels are done via Werlabs.


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