True Nourishment

True health is working in sync with your body, not against it. Your healthy everyday choices should empower you, be personalized and make you feel like a million bucks. If not… are you truly paying attention?

Join me for a (swedish) ”smörgås bord” of health tools that will empower you to take your power back when it comes to your health.

The three modules, Detox, Food & Lifestyle and Workout & In, will be as informative as they are practical. We will sip on our greens smoothies as we talk about the importance of detoxification. What are toxins, how are they affecting our bodies, and how do you stay clean in a dirty world?

No green juice in the world will make you healthy if you have a negative mindset! The Seven Systems of Health will help us to better understand why there is more to optimal health than just nutrition and movement.

A BioPrint measurement will show us the connection between our body composition (how we tend to store our body fat) and our hormonal health.

Please wear comfortable clothes as we are practising yoga and relaxing meditations.

DETOX – inspired by Dr Robert Rakowski

WORK OUT & IN – inspired by coach C Poliquin

FOOD & LIFESTYLE – inspired by Dr Deanna Minich

Customized for Company Events & Sports Teams.

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Let´s build our confidence, tone our muscles and skills in the kitchen. Let´s make cooking fun, healthy and delicious.

Let me help you get started or give you some new fresh ideas on how to light your creative fire in the kitchen. This is for some of us a creative opportunity; it should not be a drag. As it is such an important part of our health and everyday life.

A customized cooking event in your own home filled with inspiration and information on how to make healthy fast foods for yourself, your family or teammates.

Together we will create the menu and filled it with healthy liquids like broths, soups and smoothies. Fun & quick foods “to go” – kale chips, sweet potato muffins, bars & raw chocolate.

Recipes are PALEO inspired – no dairy, no gluten, no sugar.

Theme ideas:

  • Healthy Mom Healthy Kid.
  • Breakfasts for athletes.
  • I am Paleo, living without gluten, milk and sugar.
  • A 3h event, day time or evening.
  • Hosted in your own kitchen.
  • For up to 6 pers: 575 SEK / person.
  • Recipe booklet included.

To schedule an evening in the kitchen, please contact me at


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