To A Marvelous Start

Friday, Jan 6th, 2017.

2017 has started in a perfect TRUE way for me – with back to basic living and close to nature!

My intention is set for 2017.. it is clearer than ever this time ( more easily heard that way 🙂

Follow your bliss and magic things will happen – J.Cambell.

My big thing for 2017 is to let go a little and trust more. Trust my strong intuition and work hard when required. A true lifestyle is all about YOU and your uniqueness. 

There is no-one else like you – that is your strength.

To reach your true potential equals whatever your heart’s passion might be, a career, a degree, a medal, a record or ” just ”inner peace. It might be a journey through food or music, a journey on the court or as a student. NO matter which arena you decide to enter – it will be all about courage.

  • Courage to be different – to stand out and swim upstreams.
  • Courage to do what you love and love what you do.
  • Courage to stand up for your self.
  • Courage to believe in yourself and your dreams before anyone else does.

Courage is found in your heart – as is wisdom.

What does your TRUE lifestyle look like?

What will be your ONE thing in 2017 that will take you one step closer to your TRUTH?

What / who stands in your way?

Need some guidance? Looking for power on the inside as well on the outside?

Stay tuned for the BODY MIND PERFORMANCE opportunities this Spring.…

Hugs L


What do you need?