The Power of Results!

  ”I live by the book, but something is still missing or not a 100%” 

1 + 1 = 3

My first question is - who’s book are you living by?

Working hard, being dedicated and not getting the results you want – it will eventually drain you! The passion, drive and effort are in place, but the rewards are still missing. Or is it?

Doing the same thing, and expecting a different result is described as insanity!

Albert Einstein

Lifestyle as medicine is backed up by science to be the most effective way to prevent and treat chronic diseases – it might seem simple, yet it is not easy. It needs to be tailored just for you – specifically for your body, your DNA och your mindset. That is the key!

How do we tailor it? First and foremost, we listen to the body and the nervous system of the body. Is the body saying one thing and your mind another? It is common that we are disconnected from our bodies, and that we have overrun its messages with willpower and stubbornness. Recovery is very underrated is health and performance, so is the body’s innate healing capacity.

We might be addressing and focusing on just one aspect of health and forgetting that we are WHOLE BEINGS – are we doing things automatically or with passion? If you have a negative mindset, if you are in a fight and flight mode 24/7 – being oh so proud of yourself being so productive (I was) there is not enough kale in the world to keep you healthy.

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