The understanding the freeze respons in elite athletes – my collaborative writing prodject.

This a very important and unspoken topic in the athletic community. Not unspoken because we don’t care for our athletes, we simply don’t know how to never the less talk about it nor handle it.

A few big names in sports have during or after their career shared their true story, but do we really want to hear it and truly listen? if so why is this topic not getting more attention? Or awareness & knowledge among our trainers.. This is a topic not easy to take in, to integrate nor understand, it is the other side of the shining medals.

Being mentored Dr Aimie Apigians Biology of Trauma Community and directory – embarking on this collaborative writing project together this topic came natural to me!

Here is a 3 min video summary of the article.

Please download the full writing project below, but respect that ALL PUBLISHING RIGHTS belongs to Dr Aimie and The biology of Trauma.


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