The Art Of Discipline

In my ongoing mentorship program by Food & Spirit, we are digesting: discipline. I have such a hate-love relationship to the meaning of this word. Ever since I left the sports world, as a participant, I have not known where to store it or how to use it. It has been lost and out of a job for quite some time.

I know we all have it, maybe not exactly where we need it the most. It is my job to put it in use were it serves me the most. When my discipline comes out of my heart or is run by my heart – I am balanced. When my head and thoughts run it… it has “overdrive” written all over it.

For me, my discipline needs to be like bamboo – strong but flexible – so if you are hungry – eat – but eat the right things. If you are tired – rest – recovery is a part of training too!

Today I am working on using my discipline to stay centred and not give my powers away.

Why does the word discipline have a bad reputation?

This is my favourite article on the subject by coach C Poliquin: The myth of discipline.


What do you need?