Louice Melin

I would say there is only one. And she’s awesome, really!

When we started working together I was currently not at my job due to my fatigue and fibromyalgia. I had panic attacks, anxiety and hysterically poor digestion due to many years of intake of omeprazole, esomeprazole and gaviscon.My whole body shouted at me but I did not know how to listen, did not know where to start. Just that I had to start.So I turned to someone who knew. Louise.

She gave me a larger perspective, a new way of looking and connecting things from within myself. Not always starting from my mind. She has guided me through a holistic journey, including tests and exercises. A massive work of mapping out and understanding how my body works. What I can do to strengthen it and help the body find its own way back to health and balance. Understanding that everything is connected.

Slowly but surely my body started to heal. The road is long but what I learn on the trip is crucial and vital for moving on. Louise by my side, with all her knowledge and wisdom, I feel completely safe. Without her I would not have been there today.I highly recommend Louise, a wonderful person and an amazing therapist!

Louice Melin



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