I have experienced a sensitive stomach for many years. On top of that, certainly with the help of a stressful job. I was getting bigger problems with stubborn colds and fatigue. To overcome this, I began training more intensively and eating in a way that I thought was “healthy”. Nevertheless, I did not get better but rather worse. Longer colds and more fatigue. When I felt that my own actions did not work as planned, I contacted Louise.

She caught me directly through her dedication, knowledge and her empathic approach, clear and straightforward. She did a thorough evaluation, really payed attention to detalis. Two actions that we put in place right away were to get more rest and recovery into my daily life (REST! WHAT ??) and did deeper testing to see exactly how my stomach and my intestines really functioned, followed by a 4 month detox with an herbal treatment. This was incredibly rewarding not only for my body, but above all for my mindset.

Louise opened up an new awareness . How do I feel when I eat in a certain way, exercise in a certain way and stress in a certain way? When do I feel as best / worst? It’s fascinating how hard it is to get to know your own body! She gave me tips on books to read, to learn more and think on my own. She also made me understand that this is a long process, constantly ongoing. It was challenging for me who is perfectionist and wants to see quick and clear results.

However, I think these are the lessons that made me feel better today, with an improved immune system, a stronger body and a lot of acceptance. I’ve just gotten a little kinder towards myself. It has I’ve become more curious to learn more and to try new things to see just – how do I feel about this? I have not reached my desired perfect position. But with the lessons I have with me, I also know that’s okay. It’s part of the trip!

I recommend Louise to you who want to invest in yourself and your well-being. You will get new thoughts and so much knowledge about your own body and bud!

/ Linnéa Thyrén
Online Manager H&M



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