Meltem Sarfaklar

I participated with Louise´s coaching the 21-day-whole-detox-program by Dr. Minich. At the beginning I wasn´t in best shape, both mentally and physically. It was my first detox ever and actually I didn´t know what was expecting me but I was not disappointed at anytime. Overall the program was such a different and good experience. Especially the book was very informative about understanding how food influence our health, body, spirit and functioning.

I must admit that in-between my typical weariness took over but Louise supported and motivated me to go through this challenge. After a webinar I bought an infrared sauna, which is detox, meditation and self-care in one. Benefits of Whole Detox are starting off with better sleeping, less cravings, hormonal balance, changing the perspective to situations and people up to reaching my own truth. Thank you very much for being with me, Louise!

Meltem Sarfaklar 



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