Vivien Geyr

I met Louise about 3 years ago and was immediately drawn to her vibrant and warm personality. I had just moved to Germany and it felt great to find someone so passionate about nutrition and wellbeing. Louise truly stands out from your average nutritionist as she really digs deep to find the cause of your imbalances. She has a deep and solid knowledge in anatomy, nutrition and biochemistry and the fantastic ability to explain everything in a simple way enabling one to understand at once what she means without being overwhelmed by the fancy terms.

Louise has the unique gift to know exactly how you are feeling before you even know it yourself. That for me is just amazing! I sometimes feel frustrated without knowing exactly why. After a short talk with Louise not only does she help me figure it out, she also offers great suggestions as to what I should add or remove from my diet in order to regain my balance. Who needs a therapist when you have Louise :)?

Thank you so much for everything my dearest.

Vivien Geyr, Yoga teacher & mom of two




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