Consent between the Customer and True Holistic Lifestyle & Nutrition and Roots Nutrition

The information shared during this 21 day programme of Food + Personal Growth does not replace the care from a doctor or specialist nor does it claim to treat or diagnose any illnesses or health complications. The Customer should not use the information given to self diagnose any issues or illnesses. The Customer should always consult their doctor with questions regarding illnesses or feeling of being sick. The Customer is responsible for consulting their doctor or specialist should they be taking any medications whether it is suitable to participate or not.

Use of data

By signing up to Food + Personal Growth programme you agree to receive emails from xxxx and and The personal information is not shared with third party.

Refund Policy

Anyone purchasing the Food + Personal Growth programme has the right to a 24 hour cancellation policy.

We kindly ask you to email xxxx for a refund.

Improper use of Food + Personal Growth content

The participants of the Food + Personal Growth programme are not entitled to share the content in any form. The content and the course is purely for personal use and information.

Interactive Features

The purpose of the interactive features are to support the participants of the Food + Personal Growth in a personable way. The participants cannot share the information or use any personal information for marketing purposes. The tone on the interactive features is supportive and encouraging as well as informative. No bullying, abusive behaviour or threatening behaviour in any form is allowed.