T.R.E – Trauma Releasing Exercises

I am now one module away from being certified in this amazing therapeutic technique. It is one of the most profound tools I have ever come across, helping the body (mind&soul) to balance the ANS – autonomic nervous system. Accessing the parasympathetic nervous system in order to heal, restore and recover from trauma and daily stressors.

This exercise got my attention – thinking it could be a great recovery tool for my athletes – speeding up recovery until the next game or match. It turned out to be WAY more than that… I am so excited as you might tell ūüôā Like everything else in life – it will be what you make of it – but this can truly restore both hard traumas (pro athlete training and dramatic physical traumas) as it will help restore soft traumas (emotional, psychological) – a true body mind and soul exercise.

I still have books to read and review, teacher training to practice, but it will be HUGE access to my therapeutic toolbox when I am certified. Take a look at this TRE VIDEO to get an idea of how this could help you lower your stress response, improve mood as it naturally helps the body, mind and heart to self-heal and restore. I will teach classes and private session in the early summer of 2020. 

Please let me know if you have questions about TRE or would like to be a “test” participant as I am graduating.



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