New Client Consultation 75 min

New Clients 75 min Consultation.

  • Prior to our consultation, I will ask you to fill out one health declaration form & 3 days of food log. Links to the forms will be provided in your booking confirmation or sent to you within 24h. These forms need to be sent back to the office 48h prior to the consultation.
  • A Wellness Screening is performed (5 min) in the clinic, it is a medical-approved functional health screening. Please avoid food and coffee 2h prior to your screening and no exercise for 12h.
  • If you have recent bloodwork done, within the last 6 months, please bring them to your consultations or even better send them prior to your visit.
  • During your consultation, we will take a look at your history. I will inform, educate and inspire you to take your health back in small steps. We will create a health & lifestyle plan where you set the bar. This may require more testing, it may require lifestyle changes, diet changes, and adding a supplement routine.
  • A summary and health plan will be sent to you within 48h if not stated otherwise.
  • Follow-up sessions are booked – depending on your needs & situation – usually every 2-4 weeks for the first 2-3 months. Approximately 3-5 session / client.

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