My tips for websites & cook books

BOOKS – the most frequently used books in my household.

Against All Grains

Meals Made simple

LCHF 2.0

BAKA Glutenfritt

Paleo Sweets & Treats

Ketogenic Cooking Quick & Easy

Ketogenic Cleanse





Here are some amazing websites & resources for you to stay healthy & keep your gut in shape. Most importantly though is to – listen to your body – how the food you eat affects your performance, mood and overall health.

Paleo & Allergy Friendly – A great source for recipes when you are eliminating all kinds of foods/intolerances.

Paleo-Inspired – Recipes with no gluten, no dairy and no white sugar.

Ketogenic Inspired – recipes with a low carbohydrate focus, no gluten & no sugar. Some recipes are including dairy, but there is always a non-dairy alternative.

Gluten-Free Recipes & great inspiration.


What do you need?