”Courage doesn’t always roar – sometimes it is stillness, being patient to let thing unfold the way they are supposed to.”​ 

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I find it fascinating that so many athletes are so disassociated from their bodies, I included. Being a finely tuned machine, yet so dissociated from its true needs and feelings. You had to be, and you were trained to be!

After giving birth to my first son and becoming a mom, my healing journey started, both physically and emotionally. Using my drive and curiosity to continually seeking answers, I found a body-mind connection that I never thought was possible. I am now a proud functional medicine practitioner with an expertise focus on recovery and an energy medicine healer. Today I am giving back and teaching what I wished I knew during my athletic career.

I am excited that you are visiting my website and grateful for your time. When something grabs your attention, stop and focus, listen your body is trying to tell you something…

Authenticity is the most beautiful word I know! Unfortunately, it is a bit   tricky to spell, so I chose its synonym: true! 

Authenticity, being TRUE to your self, is what health is all about. TRUE health is unique, individualized and it might even stand out – you will be outstanding when you honour yourself and attend to your needs.

Health is colour!

The healing power of colour shows up in natures beautiful mixture of phytonutrients. Colour is energy, and it represents the seven different aspects of our whole self. These symbols, as in the TRUE logo, represents the colourful Seven Systems of Health, my way.


The colour red represents your ROOT and nutrition. The fish represents the essential macronutrient protein.​


The colour orange represents your FLOW and emotions. The drop represents water or macronutrient fat.


The colour yellow represents your FIRE and your thoughts. The dumbbell represents your power.


The colour yellow represents your FIRE and your thoughts. The dumbbell represents your power.


The colour turquoise represents the TRUTH and authenticity. The mouth represents the importance of speaking your truth.


The colour indigo represent INSIGHT and intuition. The meditating pose represents inner wisdom.


The colour yellow represents your FIRE and your thoughts. The dumbbell represents your power.


Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Louise’s early passion for water and sports turned into a spot on the national swim team. During her ten years on the Swedish National Swim team, she had the opportunity to live, practice and compete all over the world.

Being an athlete does not necessarily equal living a healthy lifestyle. After her swim career, the holistic health approach caught Louise´s attention. She started as a personal trainer, but soon the nutrition and lifestyle coaching took over the passion. Today she is working side by side with coaches and trainers to help their clients reach their full potential. Louise has had the privilege of working with many talented people from all over the world.

After the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000, she chose to take off her swimsuit and support her family in North America. After 15 years abroad she is now living in her home town Stockholm with her husband and two beautiful boys and water crazy dog.


Alberto Villoldo The Four Winds – Yearly Mentorship Program 2022-2023 

Resilient Heart – Trauma Sensitive Course & Certification HeartMath Fall 2022

Biology of Trauma – Stress, Heart shock & hormone Module July 2022

Biology of Trauma – Attachment & Neurodevelopment Module – April 2022.

HeartMath Interventions Certification Program for Health Professionals – July 2021

SMSB – Smart Body Smart Mind Nervous System Regulation Program– by Irene Lyon, 2021

Firstbeat Provider – Nov 2020

Light Body School Shamanic Energy Medicine – NOV 2019 Los Lobos Chile

TRE Provider -Trauma Release Exercises –  2019-2021

Food & Supplement Course, Food & Spirit – D.Minich Jan – May of 2018 

Breakthrough System – Robbins-Madanes Training 2017

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification – 2017

Wisdom of Story – B.Brown – Fall 2016

Self Compassion, Courageworks – B.Brown / K.Neff – Spring 2016

Living Brave Semester B.Brown – Spring 2016 

Business Coaching with Imagine Your Health – 2015 -ongoing.

Mentorship, Food & Spirit – fall 2015 

Building a business with Food & Spirit –2015

Advanced Detox Module, Food & Spirit – 2014

Bio Print Practitioner – 2014

Food & Spirit Practitioner -2014

Basic Medicin, Näringsmedisinska Skolan – 2013

Nutritional Therapist, Näringsmedicinska Skolan –2011/2013

Biosignature Modulation – April / Sep 2012

Coaching Mentoring med JP Sears – 2012-2014

Nutrition Advisor, Nordiskt Näringscenter – 2011

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 2 – 2010

CHEK Golf Biomechanics – 2010

CHEK Exercise Coach – 2009

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1 – 2009

SAFE instructor – 2008


Mitochondria Health – Deanna Minich Stockholm Oct 2019

Functional Approach to Autoimmunity – Liz Lipski Stockholm Oct 2018

DNA Gencertification – Umahro Cadogan – Stockholm Jan 2018

DUTCH Test Workshop with certification – Carrie Jones Stockholm Oct 2017

Functional Medicine Practitioner Seminar – C.Kresser Stockholm Sweden July 2017

Immunity & Gut function – M.Ash Stockholm Sweden April 2017

Shamanic Retreat lead by Brant Secunda – Penzberg Germany – April 2017

Quicksilver Scientific Detox Protocol – April 2017

Sport Nutrition & Epigenetics, R. Rakowski – 2016

Practitioner Intro PCI Europe –2014

Holistic & Functionall Gut, Emma Lane – 2014

Addiction, Bitten Jonsson – 2013

Sport Nutrition, Robert Rakowski – 2013

Functional Medicine Test/Treatment, D.Noland – 2011


Other Education

TFL Baravara, Rättvik – 2018/19

Dog Behavior School Hund Campus, Hällefors – 2005 
Health Care For Dogs – Hundkuranten, Sweden – 2005

Bergs School of Communication, Sweden
Principles of Marketing – 2002
Advertising and Marketing – 2002
Project Managing – 2001


Functional Nutritionist at Good to Great Tennis Academy – since Sep 2018

Nutritional Therapis Nordic Clinic Stockholm –  April 2018 to Aug 2021

Teaching “Food as Medicine”, vid Närings medicinska Skolan –Feb 2016/2017

Weekly lunch cooking at

BioGourmetClub Fall of 2015 

Holistic Health Workshops – 2013/2015

Cooking Paleo Workshops – Cologne – 2015/16

Teacher Assistent Food and Spirit – 2014-2016

Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Optimal Fysik – 2009/2013

Dog trainer Behavior / Health Care, Minneapolis 2006

Project Manager DIF hockey, Sweden – 98/01


Sport Credentials

Olympic Games: Atlanta -96, Sidney-2000

Swedish National Swim Team – 1993-2000

SR & WR breaker during these years.

24 international medals:

1 Olympic Bronze, 2 WC gold, 2 EC gold


What do you need?