Mindful Fuelling

Tuesday, Sep 5th 2017

Food is one way to growth and inner connection. An amazing tool to get to know yourself better, be faster, sleep better and get more focus.

Most athletes are like racehorses, very in tuned to their body’s needs and cues. But when it comes to food, a lot of athletes are not tuned and do not trust their bodily cues…

Lots of research shows of both eating disorders and body image problems among athletes. Is this due to that they don’t “feel” / know what to eat ? or does their mind/coach / or someone else tells them what to eat and not to eat ? or is there underlying emotions behind these imbalances.

Athletes are in tune but also taught to not “feel” and keep going even when the body said no. Mindful eating is paying attention without judgment how different foods affect us… an amazing tool to improved performance.

Wonderful and inspiring lecture by Fiona Sutherland, The mindful Dietitian from Melbourne Australia.


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