Mental & Physical Sports Recovery

When the total load increases to the extend that the individual is more prone to injury & mental health issues arises you would assume that the load would automatically decreases. Right?  

Not always and rarely in sports.

But who is in charge of connection all the dots of overtraining? Who makes that decision? Telling an athlete to work out less hours, do yards or hits each week can be a terrifying act both for the coach and the athlete. 

It’s an individual and personalized performance – that’s why we measure. To makes it as personalized as possible, you would  measure recovery, sleep, neurotransmitter balance, HRV to name a few.




 ”The flip side of the intense physical and mental work that elite athlete perfume is the ever present ganger of overtraining – a syndrome the Lougains, like many olympians says he confronted.

They push their bodies down. The problem affects about 2/3 of all elite athletes at some point says Jack Raglin sport psychologist at Indianan University. They get stale and become prone to infections. Not uncommonly they develop clinical depression.”


Overnight Recovery is an increasingly important point of emphasis in elite sport. A recent study revealed chance of injury was reduced by 68% in adolescent athletes who slept over 8 hours a night, whilst reaction time speeds up by 7 percent for every hour of improved sleep.

The impact of stress and effective recovery on athletic performance should not be underestimated, and is now being taken seriously by teams across the globe. The Stress and Recovery feature means athletes and coaches can observe recovery and monitor stress levels over a full 24-hour cycle.

“Professional athletes are training for around 25 hours a week so there are still 143 hours that are very important in recovery and, ultimately, performance,” explains Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki, Firstbeat Director of Sports Performance Products. “The new features mean we can now track training load, fitness, sleep.”

This image & text is from Genova Diagnostics educational section on the Metabolomix Nutritional Testing.

These are three of my favorite tools to work with when optimizing well-being and recovery for our top athletes, both during and after the career. 

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