Measure lifestyle habits with your OURA ring

We don’t guess we assess! True – I LOVE my oura ring, the simplicity of getting valuable  health information daily. Getting an indications of what’s going on inside my body about quality of sleep, recovery, HRV, heartbeat etc. And where we are heading 🙂 Even tough I am a more right brained dominated individual – I like to quickly see how new habits effects me.

In my left measure I hade gone to bed on an empty stomch and had a clean diet with moderate exersice. 

On my right measure I ate late, had a glas of wine and had exersised quite intensivly. MAJOR inflammaiton I am sure and with my DNA weakness for handling inflammaiton I am not surprised it looks like this after an evening like that! 

I have however seen a stress tendency with some clients around getting daily results … always trying to improve and trying way hard to be healthy … it’s all a balance.

If you want more info please let me know! 


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