I reached out to Louise mostly because I have not been able to recover since covid in May 2020, I have since then been on and off sick several times.

It has been very interesting, at the same time as a little scary. I have learned both positive and negative things.

The negative I learned and discovered was that I and my body probably felt a little worse than I dared to realize, most likely even before covid even.

This has since resulted in positive lessons, where Louise has helped me extremely much with e.g. make me listen more to my body, try to minimize and manage all my stress in a better way, to try to think differently in different situations etc.

It was extremely interesting and motivating to see the test results from the first meeting, until the third meeting, which had increased to the positive very much in just one month.

Then to just open me up and talk about my mood with Louise, where she has both helped and motivated me enormously!

I do not regret for a second that I booked an appointment with Louise, and at the time of writing I have not become really ill in almost two months. It has not happened to me in a very long time.

– Markus O.


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