Food & Personal Growth – a 21 day online program

A transformational 21 day program.


I have received cooking inspiration both in terms of new combinations and ingredients. Important questions have been raised and some answers have been found.

Awareness of the whole regarding health has increased. I have realized how nice it is to feel good, be balanced and grounded.


It was tough to both realize & physically remove sugar and coffee, but it made me realize what it really does to me, my mood and body. I set my own bar for the program and respected my situation with young children and full time work.

After the program, it has become natural to actively include a focus on eating in different colors, which means that both vegetables and fruit have increased in both variety and quantity. The choice to keep my new habits became easy when the kids commented that I am now more harmonious and friends note a new relaxing glow.


An insightful journey full of color and taste that challenges and creates a basis for healthy life choices. New knowledge, new insights and lots of joy, energy and peace / harmony.

A bonus is that I got rid of inflammation in the elbow and the pain in the knee

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