Firstbeat measures your performance, recovery and lifestyle balance!

There is no such thing as over training there is only under recovery. 
Do you have the ”guts” to rest & recover properly?

Do you feel sluggish and tired in the mornings and rely on daily stimulants to survive the day ? In reverse those stimulants might then affects your sleep quality..  

Maybe stubborn and unexplained symptoms are surfacing and you want to blaming it on your age? Frustration is building up as you are doing everything by the book but are not getting the results you expect? 

Or perhaps you are blessed with a huge amazing capacity and inner drive and think pauses and recovery are boring and unnecessary! There is simply no time to rest – life is too fun!

I was one of those people – I never felt tired – yet once I understood the power of recovery I could use my resources more efficient, play smarter and enjoy life more. Now I simply say – if you could have worked your way through your imbalance, you would have by now… start measuring inorder to see the naked truth about how lifestyle choices effect your health.

If you want to play hard you need to rest hard! 

Are you recovering enough and how do you know? 
Let’s start by measuring it all Your life balance of work, play and rest.

Firstbeat is a unique tool to measure stress, recovery, fitness for wellbeing and optimizing performance that provides a personal profile of everyday life with professional feedback. 

Based on a 24h HRV Assessment the measurement will provide you a 5 day physiological snapshot of your everyday life helping you to connect the dots between lifestyle, performance and wellbeing and there by prevent burnout and overtraining but setting boundaries around recovery that lasts and keep those health rutines once and for all. 

An athlete practice 2-4 hours a day that means there is still 20-24 h/ day that will affect your performance capacity.

Learn to manage your physiological & mental balance.

Optimize your energy through out your day.

Improve training, 
get the results with smarter recovery.

Avoid overtraining,
burnout and injuries.

HRV – Heart rate variability is one of the main markers of the assessment, it is the base marker of your physiological and psychological balance, resilience and recovery. It measures the variability in between your heart beats and stands as a scientific marker for the health of your ANS – autonomic nervous system.


A preparation letter with instructional videos will be sent after you punched your assessment (measurement + post consultation 45 min).

A Lifestyle Dairy Link form Firstbeat will be emailed to you:

In the dairy you log all of you daily activities thought out the 5 days.

Firstbeat BG2 measurement instrument + electrodes for 5 days is handed or sent to you. The FB BG2 is worn 24/7 for 5 days.

A 45 min result overview consultation is booked live or online after the FB BG2 is returned. You will receive tools and recommendations to implement right away in your daily life to optimizes your recovery health and performance.

 FB Lifestyle Assessment:

Single measurement: 1995 kr
Group measurement +3 persons : 1750kr / person



Starter Package + 3 months subscription: 2500 kr
Additional months: 750 kr for 3 months.



A team introduction session 30 min.
Prior to the introduction session a preparation letter with videos will be sent to each participent.

Firstbeat will send every participant their Lifestyle Dairy Link:
This is where you start the measurement in the morning of day 1. You keep filling out the dairy through out the 5 days. End the measurement on day 5 in the morning.

Firstbeat BG2 measurement instrument + electrodes for 5 days is handed or sent to the team. The FB BG2 is worn  24/7 for 5 days.

A 60 min result overview consultation is made live or online after all the FB BG2 is returned. The team will receive tools and recommendations to implement right away to  optimizes your recovery health and performance.


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