The Heart to Head Program

An 8 week conversation with your nervous system.

“Your story will follow your state” – Dr. Peter Levine

Do you feel unsettled, ungrounded and perhaps even a sense of disconnection to your own body?  
You might battle unresolved mood challenges like anxiety, depression or a constant sensation of feeling overwhelm ?
After years of battling, fighting and working harder your recovery is slowing down, your sleep, digestion and immunsystem is seriously getting your attention, am I right? 

Your nervous system connects and runs all other systems in your body, its a system worth while getting to know! 

Did you know that the body and the heart sends far more nervsignals to the brain than the brain sends to the body? 

Meaning that if our bodies are tight, living in a constant survival fight, flight or freeze mode, it will effect both our mood (anxiety), our thoughts (negative self image) and our behaviors (frustration). And of cause or biochemistry, like imbalanced gut health and poor sleep quality.

Accumulated stress over time, chronic stress or specific traumatic events both physical and mental emotional will be stored in your bodies, in your tissue, if our nervous system is not regulated and brought back to balance. 

This may be one reason why some of us feel a sense of being feel stuck in pattern and habits that don’t serves us. 


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In your heart to head program we are having a straightforward conversation with your nervous system & stress physiology.

Your nervous system registers sensations on the outside of your body, on the inside and everything in-between! Get to know your nervous-system inorder to master your stress physiology as the root cause for both physical and mental challenges.

Our nervous systems primary job is to keep us safe. What does that mean and even feel like in your body? 

When you walk into a room sensing that something is wrong or off – that’s the intelligence of your nervous system registering your environment – way before you conscious mind understand what’s going on.

Neuroscience is showing us the the nervous system is a communication bridge between our mind, body and soul. It’s a system worth getting to know to deeply understand deeply respect.


Your Heart ot Head Program Includes:

  • 8 Modules in 8 weeks – self paced.
  • You have access to the modules, all the material, exercises & lectures for the following 12 months.

Learn & experience Body Awareness through practical exercises: 

  • New somatic exercises weekly.
  • T.R.E Tension Trauma Releasing exercise introduction.
  • Measuring & understanding your HRV for 3 months.
  • Educational video lectures each week. 
  • Inspirational deep dives  with my fellow peers / teachers worldwide.
  • 60 min Live QA/Lecture each week via zoom.
  • 2 Privat mentor sessions 45 min each.
  • T.R.E Sessions weekly (3 are mandatory)

Investment: 8900 kr
A two payment option is available.

The course has taught me to understand and notice my own frustration. I am better at saying no to things that does not serve me as I now understand the importance of recovery. I noticed early on a better contact with the children, I sleep better and have less frustration in my everyday life.
- Lina
Note to self, when I am in this calm, I make better decisions for myself. I have better routines! This program has taught me to identify stress at an earlier stage, I use to give in to stress, let it get the best of me without thinking about the damage it makes in the short and long term. I need to reconnect to myself & I love that I got something so exciting and complex to think about. Instead of listening to podcasts (an addiction) and listening to other people's thoughts, I now like to go on my own adventure in my head.
- Angelica
I feel .. I do not know if it's a word but unfuckwithable - no one gets to me! This program has helped increase my awareness about my stress and provided great tools to help my body recover. I have got new insights to what my body really needs and a deep understanding and respect that many of us all have stored stress and a nervous system that needs our attention, in a whole new way.
- Thomas
One valuable take away from this program is the awareness that I need to be kinder to myself, I need to give my self permission to just be! I do not have to perform all the time.
- Petra

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HEARTMATH is introduced in module 5.

T.R.E is introduced & experienced during 3 sessions through out the program.

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