Health In Baby Steps

Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

Health is not a sprint race! (not long-lasting health at least:) It is more like a long-distance run… and it is oh so important to keep our expectations realistic. It takes time to get to know your body and its constant signals. I always recommend that you stay with your ONE THING (new habit) until it is a “normal daily routine” that is when you don´t have to remind yourself to do it. That is when you are ready for the next step and game-changer of improvement.

On my list of a new thing to try and improve was my own homemade BBQ and ketchup. As I was reading through the recipe, I choose from Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking by M.Emmerich I came across ” Liquid Smoke”. NEVER heard of it.. seriously how is that even possible I though, liquid smoke. Sounded like something out of one of the Harry Potter movies. It must be an American thing, I thought…

But oh so wrong I was – everyone seems to know about it but me. What a nice surprise, though, and it was right there waiting for me at my local grocery store.



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