SALK Tennis – Giving Back

Sunday, May 5th 2019

This spring of 2019 has been all about giving back and sharing what I wished I knew 25 years ago 🙂

One of my speaking opportunities was at SALK Tennis Academy about how to optimize recovery, event injury, and how to stay focused yet still relaxed in today’s competitive world. There is for sure no single recipe that works for all of us… we are all unique, but there are general rules one can apply and customize from there. We can all share out stories, learn from each other and mindfully start to listen to our bodies in order to “get out” what we put in (investing time, effort and sweat/tears in our performance). The tools I work with are food, lifestyle and mindset – there is so much powerful magic with your everyday choices – it is hard to realize- but that is where it starts!! One step, one choice at a time…

His handsome little guy – future tennis pro to be – was eager to help me poor the anti-inflammatory port workout smoothie of pineapple (containing proteas enzyme of bromalin, great for joints), ginger (anti-inflammatory helping with recovery) and coconut milk – great non-dairy alternative. These smoothies were served as the players came straight of the court into the lecture room with their parents… In the previous lecture, the older players actually help me make the smoothies them selfs – boosting some confidence in the kitchen and applying the knowledge asap into the real deal. Experiencing that this is not rocket science, it is quick, fun, yet oh so powerful for body and mind.


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