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Turn your wounds into wisdom.
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Energy can never disappear it can only be transformed – Albert Einstein 

Do you feel stuck in your life.. like a caged bird with the door wide open for you to take that leap.. yet something is holding your back. An inner sensation of feeling both paralyzed and frustrated at the same time. 

Have ever brought awareness to what actually drains your energy in life and what gives and enhance your energy? Chronic conditions has a tendency to deplete both our body, mind and soul.

If you take a look at your past history are you perhaps reliving the family drama & disease in a new or past from, even though you had no intention to do so…  

Family trauma may go from generation to generation. One of the hallmark of trauma is disconnection, first and formost from our selfs but then also to all of the magic of life. With the tools, practices and ceremonies of the native indians – the filosofi of the shamans – we use natures wisdom to guide us back to ourselves to become masters of self.

The foundation of energy medicin is to create & maintain extraordinary conditions for health, by healing imprints of disease and trauma on an energetic level.



The moment you change your perspective is the moment you change your biochemistry – Bruce Lipton, PhD

As an energy medicine practitioner I work through the shamanic medicine wheel. I address its four levels to bring your body into its natural state of health and wholeness to start the healing process.

  • Balancing your physical self – addressing diet, self-care, and sleep. 
  • Your mental & emotional self – looking at thoughts and belief systems and relationships.  
  • Your soul connection – what makes your heart sing identifying your true story.
  • Your energetic state – to reconnect to the bliss of life. 

Each session starts with addressing your needs and desires in the present moment, then we track your current energetic state and blockages. I will then work to restore and upgrade the quality of your energy field.

Energy healing modalities support shifting the limiting beliefs of scarcity, not worthiness, and fear. These beliefs limit you from living your life to the fullest.



During each session, I will provide you with “homework” to support your process and help you with daily refills and focus to keep you on trackThis process is not linear and straightforward, each session will be unique and different to the person’s needs and state of being.


Your surrounding energy field, your “aura” originates & illuminates from your nervous system. As our nervous system is intra connected and delicately woven into your bodily fascia, governing and surrounding your entire body body and structure from head to toe, your energetic choice of vibration is essential for both your physical and mental health. 


Through neuroplasticity – our brains adaptability and capacity to change – we can create psychosomatic health (body-mind medicin). In other words when we remove, clear and let go of toxic thoughts, disbeliefs and past drama we upgrade our energy field. Our brain organizes it self into higher order neurocircuitry, we shift our perception as well as our biochemistry. We turn our wounds in to wisdom!  

With Energy Medicin transformation can happen.
For this you need to be fully present in the process and take full responsibility of your journey.

Expect the unexpected.

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