It has been a delight and so profound, these 8 weeks of my program Heart to Head. After the second module of eight one of the participants shared  that he felt… unfuckwithable.. we where not sure if it was/is a word… but the sense of it and its meaning we all agreed on. And look what I found on social median the other day:) 

When we work on our nervous system – magical things happen… when we start to listen to our bodies, build back that trust again, that many of us loose in easy years… our bodies starts realeasing everything form access weight, anxiety, bad temper, stress we align. 

Next program start is Feb 2022. 
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” When I take care of my nervous system, I am niceer to be around I am friendlier to people around me. I have more patience, I last longer, I can take more that I think.  

I have however realized through out the program that I need to rest & recovery, way more that I thought… a side not, a nice one, is that my body is less tight, I feel more flexible” 

– Lina A.


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