Health by the Book

Today when recording a podcast with my lovely colleague Dariawellness I was asked to explain the body mind connection…

I could definitely show you science or talk about the enteric nervous system but I would prefer to map in the mythic as the medicin men would have said, by telling you an example or a story of real life.  Let’s say you start a new exciting specific diet routine, the one everyone is talking about, the newest, the latest health trend. You feel great at frist, getting of junk, sugar or are just getting a kick of the new diversity of foods. But after a couple of weeks you started feeling worse then you did before…. low energy, pain is slowly coming back, moody.    Should you just ignore these symptoms of your body? After all you are doing what is considered to be “right” by the books, health influensers and latest research.

Now we start doubting ourselves in search of more willpower and proof that this diet must be must be the  savior and we  end up adding  more of the extreme.

One mas food can be another mans poison. Many of my clients come with the frustration of eating and living by THE BOOK but still feel something is still not right.I then ask them… WHO’s BOOK are you living by? Why not start listening to your self and write your own book. We all need a coach when it comes to our own health… we practitioners do as well! At Nordic Clinic Stockholm it is all about personalized medicine  To the smartest, best spring ever!


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