Crossfit Champs getting more intuned with their bodies.

Always a pleasure to help and inspire pro athletes to get to know their bodies even better. As the body is truly our temple and especially for an athlete – it is perhaps even more so if possible. Unfortunately, as an athlete, you are taught early NOT to feel and NOT listen to your body. It is supposed to hurt, you are told. The secret is, in my opinion, to know when to listen och when to be more focused on the long term goal and what is the SMARTEST way to get there?

Helena Falk and Rikard Lanner are both smarty pants in my opinion ūüôā not only for representing Sweden at the Crossfit Games last summer, but they invested in an ALCAT Test showing what foods are creating an inflammatory response in their bodies. Extra inflammation is something an athlete can not afford in order to stay, perform, heal and recover at world-class sports.


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