TRE Classes Private

T.R.E Private Introduction

Price 3 295 kr for 3 sessions

TRE Private Introduction. Three customized sessions to learn how to naturally release stress, tension & post-traumatic symptoms.

T.R.E Private 5 Follow up sessions

Price 5 475 kr for 5 sessions

This is a private package of 5 TRE follow up sessions to help, guide, and support you as you continue and explore your TRE journey.

T.R.E Private single follow up session

Price 1 125 kr
A single private T.R.E session is for someone who has already done the TRE introduction and is practicing at home. For guiding and deepening of your TRE process.

TRE Classes Group

T.R.E Group Introduction

Price 1 895 kr for 3 sessions

T.R.E Introduction class, 2+1 session. Learn how to release stress, tension, and post-traumatic symptoms naturally. Max 6 participants.

T.R.E Group drop in 3 sessions

Price 1 895 kr for 3 sessions

Continue your TRE practice in a class setting, max 6 people. Keep exploring your TRE journey in a safe environment with support and guidance.

T.R.E Group drop single session

Price 1000 kr

TRE Group Drop-in Class
For continuing your TRE practice in a group setting of max 6 people.


New Client Consultation 75 min

Price 1 995 kr

Personalized Lifestyle as medicine -New Clients 75 min Consultation.

Follow Up Consultation 60 min

Price 1 800 kr

A follow up consultation to reflect, adjust & tweak your health plan. Reviewing lab results – if made – adjusting protocols and health plan accordingly, adding new/additional tools for the following weeks to come.

Follow-up Consultation 30 min

Price 900 kr 30 min

A consultation to reflect, learn, tweak your health plan. If prioritized we do a new wellness Screening – to compare and evaluate your progress, what has worked and what might need adjustment.

Free Phone Consultation 15 min


An initial 15 min free phone consultation. A chance for us both to connect and decide if we want to take this further.

Energy medicine and Firstbeat

FIRSTBEAT - Life & recovery assessment

Price 1 995 kr

A 5 day Lifestyle & Recovery Assessment.
Understand your daily stress physiology and obtain awareness around your recovery, sleep and wellbeing.

Energy medicine session

Price 1 500 kr

Energy Medicin is a journey and aims to clear & restore your body, mind, and soul. To help you get unstuck, and heal through shifting perspectives at the physical & mental/emotional level as well as on the soul and energetic levels.


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