Louise is truly a wealth of knowledge in holistic healing and nutrition. I reached out to Louise for help with hormone and gut related-issues, with a feeling that I had already tried everything to get better. Besides providing me with the most up-to-date functional nutrition advice, she opened me up to understanding that healing also involve to work with your mind-body connection.
As a personality type A – I am used to pushing myself and my energy levels to the maximum and Louise was able to explain to me in simple terms how my physical symptoms could be manifestations of my stress levels and emotions. With her guidance, I have been able to achieve healing on a completely different level: energy-wise and spiritually, developing a feeling that I am living more in alignment with my true self and passions.You can really tell how Louise adapts the approach and healing tools that she applies based on the needs of her clients and where they are in their journeys. In short, she fosters a safe space where you feel empowered to heal yourself, beautifully blending science with spiritual practice.
– Ingrid Sjögren


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