ICE BREAKERS – Weekend Retreat.

“You either win or you learn” 

Are you ready for your biggest challenge and you gratest victory? 

Preassure, anxiety, depression, sleep less nights and a body that might not take it anymore. These are sides of “professional sports” that is seldom gettign the light exposure. 

But we know, whe have been there! 

The original idea to ICEBREAKERS was born when yet another of our colleagues was writing about his first anxiety attack before the game. ICE BREAKERS is our dream project, our chance to give back to the world of sports. With two professional careers, 2 olympic medals we are serving what we believe are the missing link in world class performance.

The retreat is elusively for athletes presented together with Kåre Landfald from Zen-coaching.

Due to the world situation we are postponing the event until further notice. 

Athletes are welcome upon request.   

Please download our folder.


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