Private Consultations

You can't follow others when searching for your uniquness. Personalize your health & performance. start by getting to know your body.

Wether you have a specific symptom to adress or want to enhance performance and upgrade your “software”  –
the question is always the same WHERE DO YOU START ?

Prioritizing your self through self care and healing, wether that means ordering a gut test, changing our diet or taking an enhancing class, self care is one of the most courageous, challenging and resisted steps we make. 

Some of us priorities everything and everyone else before we deal with our own issues. Some of us just “go go go” in life and think I will deal with “this” later…

Or you have been through the traditional medical system trying to treat chronic symptoms for years yet the core issue remains. 

Getting to know your body, understanding your symptoms and finding out what got you where you are in the first place is essential for lasting results – wether you want to heal, enhance wellbeing or optimize performance.

How I work with clients and more about my tools and philosophy please visit A TRUE CONSULTATION.

The essence of my work is personalization. I invite you to book a free 15 min phone consultation for us to connect and decide together witch path is best for you in the present moment. 

  • What can I do for you?
  • What do you need?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What are you willing to do to get there?

All of my services are offered separate or we customize a MY JOURNEY PACKAGE. See below for more details.



  • Prior to the consultation I will ask you to fill out a digital health questionnaire and a 3 day food log. 
  • Or first time consultation is 75 minutes. A Wellness screening (for more info please visit a true consultation) is perfromed in house. You will leave with a personalized plan focusing on lifestyle as medicine for optimal recovery, function, nutritional support & supplements and recommended further lab testing when needed.



  • A new Wellness Screening is performed – if prioritized. To measure your progress or adjust your health plan.
  • Lab results overview (if made)
  • Adjustment and optimization of health plan – depending on your status.
Commitment, planing and connection are essential ingredients for long lasting change – this is why I recommend you to set up and customize your MY JOURNEY PACKAGE.


Investment: 10 950 kr 

If you have struggled with health challenges for months, years or all your life the imbalance  will most likely not disappear over night. Autoimmunity, stomach issues, hormone imbalances or a distressed physical or cognitive state needs time to heal and find its homeostasis again. Be patient with your self – listen and learn. 

7,5 hours of consultations for 3 months. Pre booked sessions to keep you on track, for support and questions. Regular follow up sessions to adjust and optimizes weekly to follow your bodys needs. 


Lab testing or supplements are not included in the consultation fee.


First time visit 75 min: 1995 kr
Follow up 60 min: 1800 sek
Follow up 30 min:  900 sek 

Lab testing or supplements are not included in the consultation fee.

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