A Feminin Reminer

Saturday, May 4th 2019

Tapping into natures healing remedies through DOTERRA essential oils. SUPER potent and loaded with phytochemicals to heal, rector and balance us. Like everything else, it needs to be personalized. What sents attracts you today..? We can work emotionally with these oils.. altering our moods, getting a reminder to be more intuned, grounded and mindful. Applying them regularly throughout the day is a beautiful reminder for me that natures got my back 🙂 is always with me and backing me up with its innate healing wisdom.

I have also starting to use them for inflammation, detoxification and in a calming sense before going to bed. There is something about “smelling” that brings us back, in an instant, to memories, places and feelings either to restore, heal or to enjoy. Please visit PARTNERS to get a hold of you set of oils!


What do you need?