Thursday, Aug 24th 2017

They say … ( my mentors, my teachers and people that I look up too 🙂 ) that whatever we do not deal with we pass on to our kids on a cellular level. I believe that is true, both mentally and physically.

My kids are one of my best teachers in life, and they have always been my lab rats 🙂 and they know it.

When I got my test results back from my Heavy Metal Test, I knew my kids needed detoxing too. After all, they got exposed to all of this, chemical mess, during the nine months of pregnancy. I guess after 20 years of swimming in a chlorinated pool for 4 hours a day took it´s toll.

Boosting our own natural detoxification system with vitamins, amino acids and herbs. Just a helping hand for our oh so amazing bodies to do its job.

(I do not recommend detoxing children unless supervised by a qualified Health Care Professional) 


What do you need?